5 Reasons to Use a Yacht Charter Broker

1. Obtain FREE Advice
The services of a Yacht Charter Broker are totally free of charge to the client. So why not take advantage and receive free advice which should include:

Explanation of the booking process for chartering a yacht
Discussing the clients requirements for the best crewed yacht charter
Offering advice on available charter yachts
Offering advice on potential yacht charter destinations

At Yacht Charter Specialists we can dovetail all of your requests to ensure that your needs are met and also help with flights or hotels ashore if needed.

2. Specialists in Crewed Yacht Charters
A Yacht Charter Broker specializes in yachts that are available for your crewed yacht charter. At Yacht Charter Specialists we only specialize in Crewed Yacht Charters, we do not dilute our knowledge by offering Bareboats (yachts that you rent with no crew) to our clients. We know all of the yachts that are available and more importantly the yacht’s crew. This is a vital component of your yacht charter, to ensure that the yacht crew will match the personalities of the yachts guests; remember you will be living on the yacht with the yacht crew for 7 nights during your vacation.

3. Offer Unbiased Opinion
A Yacht Charter Broker will work with you to determine what type of yacht you require and which destination suits your needs. Yacht Charter Specialists will then propose several luxury charter yachts that meet your criteria and offer advice on possible itineraries for your dream destination. As your Yacht Charter Broker we will work with many different yachts and offer totally unbiased advice regarding the selection process to find the perfect vacation for you. A travel agent mainly concentrates on land-based vacations and doesn’t have our experience of yachts and yachting destinations.

4. Destination Knowledge
Your Yacht Charter Broker should also have knowledge of the destinations where you can charter your luxury yacht. They should be able to offer you advice regarding which destinations suit your requirements, to ensure that you have the best vacation possible.
We have full knowledge of the best yachting destinations in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Rest of the World. We continually visit new locations to ensure that they meet our strict criteria so that we can offer our clients unbiased advice on yacht charter destinations.

5. Assist with Yacht Charter Agreement
Your Yacht Charter Broker should also assist you with the completion of the Yacht Charter Agreement (rental agreement) and also the Yacht Preference Sheet. The Preference Sheet is an important document because this is where you express your preferences to the types of food and drink that you wish to eat aboard your yacht, and of any dietary requirements. You also notify the yacht crew of the activities that you would like to undertake whilst on vacation, this may include diving, hiking, relaxing etc.
Your Broker should also ensure that their client’s funds are held in a client escrow account, so that your money remains safe.

All of these services are totally FREE of charge to you, so it makes sense to use a Yacht Charter Broker.

For FREE advice about booking a Crewed Yacht Charter call Yacht Charter Specialists today on 888 905 2759 (US) or 0203 695 6195 (UK) you can relax you’re in safe hands!