Chuggers: Face to Face fundraising revealed

Everything you need to know about charity fundraisers and face to face fundraising by

Everywhere you go in almost every big town or city you will come across a charity fundraiser. Charity fundraisers are often referred to as Chuggers or ‘Charity Muggers’. Fundraisers however have adapted this as a term of endearment; Charity Huggers.

Why are Charity Fundraisers About?

Charity fundraisers are needed as long as there is a need for charity’s to exist. Face to face fundraising is one of the most effective ways for charity’s to raise money. It allows the public to put a face to the charity and find out about the charity whilst giving the opportunity for interaction and asking questions.

Do Street Fundraisers get Paid?

Most of the face to face fundraisers work on a basic hourly wage whilst some are volunteers. The fundraisers are paid out of a fundraising budget set aside by the charity. Depending on the charity the budget for admin and fundraising is very small. This is necessary in order to provide ongoing funding for the charity. Most fundraisers work full time on the streets five days a week.

How do I Know if Fundraisers are Legitimate?

Street fundraisers working for a recognised agency or charity will have some form of ID on them. If you are ever unsure about the person you are talking to, always ask for ID.

Data Protection

People always have concerns about giving out bank details. In order to set up a direct debit either for charity or any other company (Electricity, mobile phones etc…) it is necessary to provide sort code and account number. These details are extremely safe, all anyone can do with them is put money in your account or set up a direct debit. You are completely protected from fraud by the direct debit guarantee. Anything not set up by yourself can be cancelled immediately by your bank.

Why do Charity’s Want Direct Debit Donations?

Direct debit donations allow charity’s to have a regular income much like ourselves. Having a regular income allows the charity to plan for long term projects. Whilst one off donations are fantastic they are not a reliable source of income for the charity.

Charity Huggers or Charity Muggers?

Charity fundraisers speak to a lot of people on a daily basis trying to promote the charity. They are generally friendly, outgoing people who are easy to talk to. If you see one in the street be nice and stop for a chat, you never know you might learn something new and end up changing lives.