Do Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

When electronic cigarettes first hit the scene a dozen years or so ago, they were quite widely marketed as being ‘quitting aids’. Even though those first generation vapes are barely recognisable compared to what is available nowadays, the big difference is that few companies now use this angle to promote their products. This is surprising because a considerable percentage of people who take up vaping do so specifically as an alternative to smoking. It is certainly cheaper and to an extent healthier than tobacco – but is it a way to help quit smoking altogether?

Yes Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking!

Compared to any other kind of nicotine replacement aid (patches, gum etc) vaping is by far the most effective way of replacing smoking. Not only is it an efficient way of taking nicotine, but far more importantly it is almost identical to smoking tobacco. Modern vaping equipment and e-liquids provide that throat ‘hit’ and can be handled just like a cigarette. Throw in the other major advantages such as vaping being near odourless, delivers a tiny percentage of the dangerous chemicals contained in tobacco and simple affordability and it is the best way to help quit smoking.

Vaping Is Recommended By Medical Experts

A considerable percentage of doctors have argued for years that vaping should even be accessible via the NHS. While they tend to be quick to point out that no kind of nicotine dependency is a good thing, the simple truth is that it is proven to be the most effective way of cutting down tobacco consumption. Sure there are plenty of vapers who continue to use tobacco, but overall those who manage to totally quit cigarettes find that vaping is an incredibly useful tool. Gradually lowering e-liquid strength is a far more effective way of quitting/cutting down than simply reducing consumption.

Overall vaping has to be considered as a useful – if perhaps not entirely perfect – means of helping most people quit smoking. Not many people quit vaping in favour of returning to tobacco, but many do find it to be the best first step towards getting over a nicotine habit.