Home Spa Facials

With the right tools, ingredients, time, and atmosphere: most home-based facials can be as beneficial as facials performed by spa aestheticians like these available at www.sheridanfrance.co.uk.
While an occasional spa facial is an important way of indulging yourself and learning the latest spa secrets for great skin, you can reap added benefits by treating yourself to weekly home facials. Similar to the best spa facial treatments, home treatments should emphasize cleanliness and eco-friendly organic products, and they should foster a sense of relaxation.
Preparing For Your Facial
Evaluate your skin carefully. Look for signs of inflammation such as excessive redness or irritation. Watch for areas of dryness, enlarged pores, and breakouts that may require special attention. A skin evaluation helps in determining the most effective type of cleanser and masque for your skin’s current condition.
Cleanse your skin gently to remove any traces of makeup or oil. Facial skin brushes either used manually or with battery-operated systems can be used to gently massage the skin. If a microcurrent facial skin massager such as the FDA approved NuFace is part of your routine, this is an optimal time to use it, limiting the time to 5 minutes. Rinse all traces of conductivity gel.
Then prepare your skin by sitting over a bowl of herb infused (steaming but not boiling) hot water for five minutes. An herbal product such as a pinch of the herbal product Swiss Kriss or Golden Path Alchemy’s Renew Herbal Steam added to the water helps detoxify the skin. For an added benefit, a towel can be draped loosely over the head to concentrate the steam.

Alternately, consider scheduling your facial after your shower when your face has been cleaned and steamed. Rinse skin with warm water, pat dry, and exfoliate the skin gently using a plant-based facial exfoliating agent such as Skin 2 Skin’s Oatmeal & Pomegranate Facial Scrub. Homemade scrubs of oatmeal and honey are also effective. Rinse with warm water.


Masques infuse the skin with nutrients while helping to firm and soften skin. Choosing an optimal masque is important for achieving desired results. For instance, lavender-rich masques and masques containing tea tree oil are good for skin troubled by acne because of their natural antiseptic properties. Masques containing chamomile, rose oil or essence of rose help reduce inflammation and redness. It’s good to have several masques available, including hydrating masques and clay-based detoxifying masques because your skin’s needs change frequently depending on the climate, hormonal changes, and exposure to the elements.

Homemade masques are also highly effective and can also be made fresh from natural ingredients such as a combination of egg whites and honey, which helps firm and tighten the skin. Homemade masques can be kept for up to a week if refrigerated. Spread the masque onto the facial skin gently, applying lavishly and avoiding the eyes. Unless the product lists a different timeframe, most masques should be left on the skin for 15-30 minutes. Avoid cell phones and other distractions. This is a perfect opportunity to recline with closed eyes and listen to soothing music. Adding aromatherapy scented candles and dim lights creates the perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind.

After the ingredients have had time to penetrate the skin, get up slowly and rinse the skin gently with warm water. Pat the skin gently allowing it to remain moist. Add a complementary moisturizer, using gently upward strokes, and admire your freshly glowing skin.