How to Paint a Border Using Cookie Cutters

Biscuit cutters aren’t just for the kitchen anymore. With so many shapes and sizes available, they can be used to make a decorative border for almost any room in the house.

1.     Choose the area you want to paint.

2.     Select the cookie-cutter shapes you’ll use for your border design.

3.     Decide whether you’ll be painting a straight or a free-form border. For a straight border, measure and mark the desired height using a tape measure or yardstick.

4.     Hold the cookie cutter in the desired location on the wall.

5.     Trace around it lightly with pencil.

6.     Continue tracing the cookie-cutter shape around the room, forming the border design.

7.     Select acrylic paint colors.

8.     Pour each paint color into a small plastic container.

9.     Use a flat craft paintbrush to paint inside the cookie-cutter shapes.

10.     Add details or outline with a round craft brush.

Use more than one cookie-cutter shape to make a patterned border such as a moon and stars, hearts and hands, or pine trees and a moose.

Make a “flower power” border with a flower cookie cutter and fluorescent paint colors.

Use caution when working on a ladder. Make sure the ladder is stable before climbing on.

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