Multi Fuel Burning Stoves

A multi fuel burning stove can be an attractive focal point in a living room and can potentially be a greener and cleaner method of heating your home. Multi fuel cheap stoves are most often used to burn coal and wood. Burning coal can produce extra ash and so stoves should be fitted with a grate to collect this ash.

Installation costs of multi fuel stoves can be high but using wood as a fuel can save you hundreds of pounds per year compared with electricity and gas. Certain models can be connected to a back boiler which heats water for the whole house. For multi fuel stoves, wood that can be used as fuel comes in the form of pellets. The manufacturer of the stove should provide details of which fuels can be burned safely.

Multi fuel stoves can be purchased from local fireplace and stove specialists where you should be able to get impartial advice about which type of stove is right for you and the costs involved with the purchase and installation of the stove. Stoves are also available directly from the manufacturer and from online stove stores.

Coal burns more efficiently than wood at lower temperatures and so is ideal for when you want to use the multi fuel stove for a period of slow burning. Household coal should not be burned in a stove as this is intended to be used in open fires. Coal is an unsustainable fuel and the carbon dioxide it releases increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which contributes to environmental problems such as global warming.

Burning wood in the stove is more environmentally friendly than coal. Wood is a carbon neutral fuel as the carbon that is released while burning has already been absorbed by the tree. Buying fuel from a sustainable source that replaces the trees it uses makes wood burning an even greener option. If you are burning wood it will need to be completely dried out before use and you will need an adequately sized storage area that keeps the wood dry and in a good condition.

A multi fuel stove should be installed by a professional installer that is accredited by a recognised body. The appliance will also require a suitable flue or vent. This will ensure that the stove continues to run safely and efficiently. A lined flue can be fitted in an existing chimney if the stove is to be used in a fireplace.

All old ash should be cleared from the stove before each use. A multi fuel stove can burn both coal and wood but they should never be burned together as the conditions needed to burn them efficiently is very different. An adequate supply of air is needed for the stove to keep burning effectively. These factors will all need to be considered when looking to purchase your stove. However, if there are no practical reasons why a multi fuel stove can not be fitted into your home, then over time they can be a real investment due to the potential savings when compared with using traditional methods of heating your home.