Natural Home Facial

Create face masks and exfoliators at home, tailor made for your skin. Home facials can create results as good as a beauty salon, at a fraction of the costs.

A salon facial can be a rare expensive treat. There is no reason to not treat yourself more often by revitalizing skin with a top quality home facial and products tailor made for your skin type.

Start with a Facial Massage

Wash face with warm water and dry with a clean flannel. Using the fingertips of forefinger and index finger on both hands, massage face gently with firm pressure. Begin at the temples and create small circular movements from the forehead to the eyes. Gently sweep fingers around eyes and then work around the whole face.

Homemade Facial Exfoliator

One tablespoon olive oil
Third tablespoon brown sugar
Mix oil with sugar and then leave for five minutes so the sugar can soften. In order to reveal fresh and brighter skin it is essential to exfoliate. It is recommended to exfoliate at least once a fortnight to keep skin looking at its best. Apply the exfoliator to damp skin and massage gently into skin avoiding the eye area. This can also be used to moisturize lips. Rinse carefully with warm water.

Facial Steaming

Steaming is beneficial for skin and prepares it for a facial mask by opening up the pores. Fill a bowl with hot water adding a few drops of lemon essential oil, or a green tea teabag. Cover head with a towel and let the skin feel the steam for five minutes. Dry face with a clean towel.

DIY Face Masks

The kitchen offers many different items that can make nourishing facial masks. Choose ingredients to create one for your skin type; three possible recipes include:
Blueberry Face Mask for Mature or Dry Skin
 ¼ cup blueberries
2 tsp raw rolled oats
2 tsp honey
Mash the blueberries in a bowl and add other ingredients- mix carefully. The mask can be kept in fridge for a few days. Apply carefully to skin.
Chickpea Flour Face Mask for Oily Skin
2 tbsp chickpea flour
1 tbsp soy yoghurt
1 tsp honey
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Combine all ingredients and massage into skin.
Cucumber Face mask for Sensitive Skin
½ avocado (mashed)
4 slices cucumber (crushed)
Mix avocado and cucumber together and refrigerate for ten minutes. Apply to face immediately. After applying your chosen face mask, leave on for twenty minutes. Make it a restful process by lying down and putting cucumber slices on eyes. Wash skin with warm water and dry carefully; be sure to tone (a splash of cold water will suffice as an alternative to close pores) and moisturize as usual.
Home facial treatments can create results as good as a beauty salon, at a fraction of the costs. Utilize natural products in your kitchen to make skin feel brighter and more nourished with a homemade face mask.